WARNING: Oracle executable binary mismatch detected.

Interesting message appeared in my test environment alert log:

WARNING: Oracle executable binary mismatch detected.
Binary of new process does not match binary which started instance
issue alter system set "_disable_image_check" = true to disable these messages

The message appeared to be pretty obvious.. For some reason it thinks the Oracle binary has changed somehow.
Note: 369260.1 describes the error and mentions that there could be many reasons but doesn't actually list them or refer to other notes which may contain more information. To suppress the message you can issure the alter system command as per the error message above.

I had to shutdown the environment to apply the patch, so I watched the alert log after startup to see if the error would reappear. I haven't made any changes to this environment, so i'm not sure what may have caused this message to appear. If it happens again i'll open an SR.

Have you seen this problem before? If so, did you find a root cause?


Gasparotto Nicolas said...

Last time I saw that message was because a patch has been installed whenever the database was up instead of down. Bounce the db solved the issue. No more messages.

Sridevi Koduru said...

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