R12: Changing apps password

In 11i there were a few steps in order to change the apps password.

1. Shutdown the environment.
2. execute FNDCPASS to change the apps password.
Ex. FNDCPASS apps/[oldpassword] 0 Y system/[system password] SYSTEM APPLSYS [new apps password]

3. Manually modify files such as appsweb.cfg and
4. Startup the environment.

In R12:

1. Shutdown the environment.
2. Execute FNDCPASS as above.
3. Run Autoconfig
4. Startup the environment.

I realized the process had changed when I looked at the file and noticed the following:

; $Header: 120.0.12000000.2 2007/06/29 11:43:45 sbandla ship $
; $AutoConfig$
; Not required in R12. Stubbing the file from %s_fndtop%/admin/template

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