R12 Cloning: missing from file system.

This weekend I had to build an R12 environment.   We use Oracle VM in our development environment so this made the who process much easier.    Before I would have to setup a new server, install the OS, patch it, put in the Oracle pre-req's then clone.   Now I just need to run pre-clone, shutdown the environment, copy it, rename/reconfigure the vm and run post clone.

When I ran dbTier tho I hit the error described in the following note:

On Release 12 adcfgclone is failing with AC-00423, RC-50014 missing from file system [ID 549872.1]

The solution is to copy from the source system and place it under $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/template

However, when I executed again I hit the same error. would get deleted from the template directory.

The solution was to run autoconfig, preclone and recopy the db files and software over.

Well, at least I didn't have to build a new server.. Saved me a little time anyways.

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