E-Business Suite

  • Useful Articles for the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Stack for Technical Consultant / DBA [ID 828157.1]


  • How to Diagnose an 'You Have Encountered an Unexpected Error" [ID 562796.1]
  • How To Gather Information To Diagnose A Java OutOfMemory Error In 11i, R12, or 12.1.1 [ID 842857.1]
  • R12: Forms Runtime Diagnostics (FRD), Tracing And Logging For Forms In Oracle Applications [ID 438652.1]
  • Database Preparation Guidelines for an E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 Upgrade [ID 761570.1]
  • Upgrading OracleAS 10g Forms and Reports in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 [ID 437878.1]
  • Upgrading to the Latest OracleAS 10g 10.1.3.x Patch Set in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 [ID 454811.1]
  • How To Set A System Profile Value Without Logging In To The Applications [ID 364503.1]
  • Script To List The Values Of A Profile Option At All Levels [ID 803587.1]
  • How to Change Profile Option Value Without Forms [ID 943710.1]


  • E-Business Applications Performance Basic Skills Cookbook (Doc ID 1516355.1)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Recommended Performance Patches (Doc ID 244040.1)


  • EBS R12 Patching Best Practices & Overview [Video] [ID 1207498.1] Fusion Middleware

Fusion Middleware


  • Troubleshooting Guide to Solve Common Errors with Portal Export/Import [ID 364463.1] 


  • Getting Started with Oracle WebLogic Server: How to Make Sure that Recommended Patches are Applied [ID 1365205.1]


  • SOA Database Tuning Guide
  • SOA 11g Database Growth Management Strategy
  • SOA 11g: Bundle Patch Reference [ID 1485949.1]
  • Unreleased Database Row Locks in orabpel User Table cube_instance and/or cube_scope[Article ID 818633.1]
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) SOA 11g Infrastructure Database: Installation, Maintenance and Admin[Article ID 1384379.1]
  • SOA 11g: Running Purge Scripts -> A Step by Step Approach[Article ID 1345957.1]
  • SOA 11G Database Growth Management Strategy[Article ID 1404605.1]
  • How To Determine Which Tables Are Purged By Purge Scripts[Article ID 1448173.1]
  • Truncate BPEL Tables as a Fast Alternative to Purge Scripts[Article ID 1461302.1]
  • SOA 11g: Dangling References Left in SOA-INFRA Schema Tables after Running Purge Script[Article ID 1556387.1]
  • Can I Truncate CUBE_INSTANCE and Other Tables in the ORABPEL Schema?[Article ID 1220711.1]
  • Oracle PSR - FMW SOA DB Performance White Paper (Doc ID 1532491.1)


  • What Impact does the Desupport of Java 6 have on Fusion Middleware 11 (FAQ) [ID 1470123.1
  • Error Correction Support Dates for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g (11.1.1/11.1.2) [ID 1290894.1]

Grid Control

  • Slow Performance Of DBA_AUDIT_SESSION Query From EM [ID 829103.1]


  • Best Practices: Proactively Avoiding Database and Query Performance Issues (Doc ID 1482811.1)

Oracle VM

  • Oracle VM: Comparison of Guest Virtualisation Modes; HVM, PVM and HVM with PV Drivers (Doc ID 757719.1)
  • VNC Console Not Opening Up For OVMM 3.2 (Doc ID 1591008.1)

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