Openworld 2013

Another Openworld has come and gone.  With all the keynotes, sessions and parti^H^H^H networking events yet to happen, its almost unimmaginable that it could go by so quickly.  Yet here I am typing up the summary of my trip.

I arrived the Saturday before the conference and shortly after checking in I went down to Moscone West to register.  This is the first time in a couple of years that I didn't attend under the Blogger program.   Hopefully i'll be able to blog enough this year to be eligible for the program again.

Lately i've had a few issues with query performance so I attended a number of sessions on the optimizer and sql tuning.   I also attended a couple on Grid Control so I could start planning our upgrade from 11g to 12c.  With the new 12.2 E-Business Suite just a short time before the conference I attended some sessions about that product as well

The last few years I did a day by day break down but this year i'll just mention some of the sessions  I attended and are worth downloading if your interested in the topic.

"UGF9740  --  RDBMS Forensics: Troubleshooting with Active Session History"

"UGF3062  --  The Query Optimizer in Oracle Database 12c: What’s New?"

"UGF5498  --  Solving Critical Customer Issues with the Oracle Database 12c Optimizer"

"UGF9790  --  Where Did My CPU Go?"

"CON8482  --  Oracle E-Business Suite Technology: Latest Features and Roadmap"

"CON8707  --  Consolidating Databases with Oracle Database 12c"

"CON8711  --  Oracle RMAN in Oracle Database 12c: New Features and Best Practices"

"CON8460  --  Deployment and System Administration of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2"

"CON8725  --  Behind the Scenes of Oracle Multitenant"

"CON8492  --  Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Certification Primer and Roadmap"

"CON8643  --  Oracle Optimizer Boot Camp: 10 Optimizer Tips You Can’t Do Without"

"CON9458  --  Oracle Linux Troubleshooting: Diagnostics and Best Practices"

"CON8883  --  Cloning and Snapshots with Oracle Database 12c"

"CON11637  --  What’s New in Oracle Database 12c"

"CON7457  --  SQL Tuning 101"

"CON8252  --  Best Practices for Maintaining Oracle Fusion Middleware"

"CON7752  --  Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Top 10 Features for DBAs"

A couple of dampers on the trip.  Baggage handlers left my suitcase in a puddle somewhere at SFO or the Toronto airport.   So half of my clothes were soaking wet.  Not a huge deal, I just hung them up to dry but luckily I had opened my suitcase when I arrived, instead of the next morning when I would have needed more clothes.

Larry Ellison didn't show up for his keynote.  I had skipped a session and lined up early so I could get a good seat.   Looks like I wasn't the only unhappy person there because as soon as he was announced as a no show quite a few people left.    Another first is that I didn't know very many people attending the conference.  I managed to met up with a former co-worker a few times which was great.

From a session/networking perspective tho I had a great time.   I learned a lot and met some great people.    Hopefully I will be able to return again next year.

I liked how they didn't totally enclose Howard Street this year.    If it rains its nice to have the tents but I found them to be pretty hot and stuff if the weather is nice.    It also opened up the space and made it more enjoyable to meet up with people.

I didn't take alot of pictures but ones I did take can be found on flickr:


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