Huge Events*.log files in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG?

For the past 5 years i’ve supported the same Oracle Applications environment but recently, because of changes at my company, I have started to support new environments. Its interesting to see the subtle differences in configuration and to determine why it was setup that way.

The other day I received an automated email alert that a partition was running low on available space. Its the partition which contains $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG (ie. $COMMON_TOP/admin/log/<Context Name>). This directory stores concurrent manager logs, concurrent request logs, etc.

I noticed one file, Events01.log was 7GB in size. I should add that this environment is pretty static, so there aren’t log of changes and it doesn’t get restarted often.

The issue is described in Note:601375.1, which says the culprit is the Fulfillment Server having a high level of debugging enabled. The fix is to change the parameter s_jto_debug_string = OFF in your context file. (Don’t edit this manually, use OAM.) However, to enable this change you’ll need to execute autoconfig.

If your not able to run autoconfig at this time (I prefer to bundle these types of changes with patches so that users will do a quick sanity check of the environment), you can manually edit the file $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/<Context Name>/ and remove the references to:



Once that change is made you need to stop apache (, the fulfillment server ( and restart them. You can now remove that huge Events log file.

Note: If you remove an active file while a process is still pointing to it, the space will not be released. I’ve been asked by people many times why they removed a file but did not see the available space increase.