Report Access in R12

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am now working on an R12 implementation project. A user called me today with a report issue. I asked for the concurrent request id so that I could troubleshoot the issue on my end to make sure it wasn't an environment issue.

I noticed the "View Output" button was grayed out in the Concurrent -> Requests screen. In 11i there is a profile option Concurrent: Request Access Level, which allows you to set access privileges for report output files.

However, in R12 this profile option is now obsolete and has been replaced by RBAC (Role Based Access Control). Details can be found in Note: 563946.1, Note: 555524.1 or Chapter 6 of the Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide - Configuration

For now i'll just go to the users desk because I don't have access to configure this at the moment. It seems like an awful amount of work tho for something that was handled by a profile option before.

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