ORA-00600 during dbTier

While cloning a new environment (to me) today I hit the following error:

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [skkxerrp], [skkxdllload],
[SlfFopen], [/u001/CRP1/oracle/crp1db10g/10.2.0/plsql/nativelib/d66/], [No such file or directory], [], [], []

A search of metalink will result in a single hit, NOTE:382767.1. The note mentions two possible solutions:
  • Setup native PL/SQL before cloning
  • Modify the rapid clone template file to remove two plsql parameters.
Well, in this case i'm told the production environment has always had pl/sql native compilation, so number 1 didn't apply. If I performed the second potential solution then my newly cloned environment wouldn't be identical to production until I re-setup native compilation.

When I looked at the template file ($ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/template/afinitdb_102.ora), I noticed that by default the parameter plsql_code_type gets reset to INTERPRETED. I'm not sure why this happens, I would have assumed it would be set to the production value of NATIVE. So instead of performing the solutions described in the metalink note I change plsql_code_type to native and re-executed dbTier, which this time completed without error.

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