#oow10 – Day 4 (Wednesday) Summary

I started the day with a quick walk around the exhibition hall in Moscone South.  Before long I found my way to the Demo grounds and noticed a sign 12.1 Upgrade Best Practices.   We are in the process of an upgrade to 12.1.2 so I stopped by and asked a few questions.  Before I knew it I had missed my first session!   I have to say, one of the best things about OpenWorld is the ability to meet the people behind the scenes at Oracle.

The first session I went to was S319052 Applications Performance Panel. I attended one of Ahmed Alomari’s  EBS performance sessions back when he was still at Oracle.  To this day I would say it was one of the best EBS sessions I have attended.   This session, as the title says, was a panel and although there was some good advice, fielding alot of questions slowed the pace down quiet a bit.

The next session I attended was S314886 - Oracle Database 11g Upgrade Essentials for Oracle E-Business Suite Environments.   The last session I attended was S313251 - Stats with Confidence.  I would recommend both of these sessions.  Elke Phelps did a great job of listing 11g features as they pertain to EBS, including a step by step guide of a recent upgrade she performed.

The stats session by Arup Nanda talked about the distribution of data, how it affects statistics and performance as it changes over time.  He continued by talking about some new features of 11g such as Pending Statistics, how to use them in a private session to determine if they will have a negative affect on performance.   If they do have a negative impact, how you can reverse the changes.  

Larry’s keynote was also on Wednesday and as usual it drew a packed crowd…  Unfortunately it seemed to be a repeat of his Sunday night keynote.  I left early so I could attend my last session but as it happens, the session was in one of the rooms broadcasting the keynote so it was delayed.


I have to agree with Larry and his views on Cloud Computing.  Salesforce.com is an application on the web, not cloud computing.   However, the best definition of cloud computing had to be the street interview where the guy said that it was invented a number of years ago by the airlines.  Internet access at 35k ft, over the clouds. ;)

The appreciation event was also that evening, so I had to rush back to the hotel and get ready.  This year my wife took the opportunity to do some shopping in San Francisco and she is a huge Black Eyed Peas fan.   It wouldn’t have been wise for me to be late.    I was actually looking forward to Berlin.  The last time they played at OpenWorld I arrived just as they were finishing their last song.  I’m glad I was able to finally see a full set.

I have to say tho, out of all the OpenWorld appreciation events I have attended, its safe to say that the Black Eyed Peas drew the largest response.   It was an awesome concert.   Shortly after the Steve Miller band came on stage we decided to head out.  I would have liked to stay a little longer but the boss was getting tired.  Amateur!

I took quite a few pictures, a few are below.. Not bad for sitting all the way back in the stands on my old Canon S3.


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