#OOW10 – Day 1 and 2 Summary

I’ve barely had a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts.   A short while ago I returned from my first NFL game.   It was a crazy experience, its insane the way fans get into the game.  I think I high fived more in a single quarter than all the NHL games i’ve ever been too.

So lets recap a bit.  Saturday I arrived shortly after lunch and checked into the hotel.  Our room was next to the elevator.  I always thought when selecting your room preferences that people choose to be away from the elevator since it would be noisier due to the foot traffic.   It didn’t cross my mind that it would be because the elevator passing by would cause an entire wall to vibrate!  Luckily they were able to switch me to another room the next day.

Sunday I attended a number of user group sessions and in general found them to be very useful.  At the OAUG Sysadmin Sig session I found out about the Mismanaged Session Cookie bug affectin EBS users.  For more information you can check our Steven Chan’s blog.  We are in the process of upgrading to R12 and the version of Java we are using is affected.   The first thing on my plate when I get back to the office is to downgrade.

I really enjoyed, Resolving the Free Buffer Waits Event and its too bad he had to rush through the material.  Craig was very entertaining to listen to and the hour went by very quickly.

Today I didn’t find the sessions as useful, which at least one other has noticed as well.  Its not to say they were bad, just not as good. ;)   After the keynote, my first session was Using Oracle VM to Support Test and Development in Oracle E-Business Suite.   I’ve been supporting a couple of R12 environments running on Oracle VM for a few months now but I was disappointed not to hear anything I didn’t already know.   About the only useful tidbit was Note: 464754.1, FAQ: Certified Software on Oracle VM.   Basically a trump card if Oracle support says to reproduce an issue on physical hardware.

My next session was Managing Customizations in Oracle E-Business Suite.  The session didn’t really talk about managing customizations at all which was disappointing.. It focused mostly on an environment and change control strategy.   Our environment doesn’t have a lot of customizations.  I was hoping to hear how large EBS implementations support customizations.

I’ve been following Richard Foote’s blog and it was nice to finally see him in person.  I think its safe to say that he knows his indexes!   Alot of useful information in this session and i’m definitely going to have to download the presentation once its available.

The last session I attended was Managing Oracle WebLogic Server: New Features and Best Practices.  Based on the session description I was expecting to hear how to troubleshoot problems in WebLogic.   However, it was basically a discussion on using the WebLogic management pack for Enterprise Manager.   For me that wasn’t a bad thing since we have purchased it but haven’t installed it yet.   Now that i’ve seen what it can do, I am anxious  to get it up and running.  The session didn’t really contain any tips tho.  It would have been nice to see some common support issues with WebLogic Server and steps used to diagnose and resolve the problem.

As with each Openworld there have been a slew of announcements.    Those which caught my eye was the upcoming release of Solaris 11 and the Unbreakable Linux Kernel.  There were plenty of hardware announcements as well.  I listened with interested but didn’t really take notes since I work for a small company and we would never need something so powerful.

So far the only really annoying thing I have noticed is the amount of people talking loudly during the keynotes. As well, the number of people who support mission critical environments but can't seem to figure out how to put their phones on vibrate!

So thats it… Day 3 starts tomorrow!

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