A New Record! Umm.. what comes after Trillion?!

For those that don't know, quadrillion comes after trillion. I had to look it up....

What do you get when you add together:
  • cost of 2,652,527,734,267
  • cpu cost of 729,606,778,262,148,864
  • order by on 200,474,167,178 rows
  • 87 full table scans
  • 5 merge join cartesian
One nasty query!

The following screenshot was taken today and has officially taken first place in my record books!


Gary Myers said...

Looking at the time, it would take over a thousand years to run.
You'd think at some point it would just say, "Nah, this is just getting silly"

Noons said...

this reminded me of some SQL a few years ago we called the "legacy queries": our grand children would see the results!

Sridevi Koduru said...

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Sridevi Koduru said...
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