Port Pools

Every now and then I get a request asking which port a specific service is using. The server team may ask for a list of ports so they can be reserved, etc. The Metalink document below lists all the ports required and which services run on them. It also has a nice utility which will calculate the ports required depending on the port pool you choose when installing or cloning.

Subject: FAQ: Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i Doc ID: Note:216664.1

See question number 21: What is the port pool? What if I want to give a specific value to a Server Port?

Note: the port calculations given by the utility are defaults. They may have been changed in your environment for various reasons. For example, we may have to change the port listed below because it interfered with another application.

<jcache_port oa_var="s_java_object_cache_port" oa_type="PORT">12346 </jcache_port>

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