OAM and EBS Breaks after Cloning

We are in the process of integrating E-Business Suite with Oracle Access Manager (OAM). Its setup in DEV and TEST but not in PROD yet.    There was a requirement to reclone DEV and as a result the integration with OAM broke.

We ran all the configuration steps on the EBS side, such as:

  • $FND_TOP/bin/ -script=SetSSOReg -registerinstance=yes
  • Verifying ASADMIN was active and the correct password.
  • Profile options to configure authentation:
    • Applications SSO Type
    • Applications SSO Login types
    • etc...
  • Business Events to make sure account creation and modifications synchronizes correctly.
  • We skipped all of the tasks to be performed on the OAM side since they were already done.

However, when restarting Access Gate we would see the following error in the logs:

        at weblogic.jdbc.module.JDBCModule.prepare(
        at weblogic.application.internal.flow.ModuleListenerInvoker.prepare(
        at weblogic.application.internal.flow.DeploymentCallbackFlow$
        at weblogic.application.utils.StateMachineDriver.nextState(
        at weblogic.application.internal.flow.DeploymentCallbackFlow.prepare(
        Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace
Caused By: weblogic.common.resourcepool.ResourceSystemException:
Could not connect to 'oracle.apps.fnd.ext.jdbc.datasource.AppsDataSource'.

The returned message is: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

We triple checked the datasource credentials defined in the Access Gate server but still nothing worked.  It turns one of the steps to deploy Access Gate was to copy the dbc file from $FND_SECURE over to the $MW_HOME/appsutil/accessgate/dev directory.   Since DEV was recloned the APPL_SERVER_ID value had changed.    We re-copied this file, bounced the Access Gate server and everything started working again.

Since we don't have EBS integrated with OAM in PROD yet i'm not sure if we will need to do any additional steps after a clone.   I'm thinking all the steps above will apply except for maybe business events as they will already be configured properly in PROD.   I'll update this post if I have to do anything else.


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