Mac OSX: Disable Java 7

As most of you are probably aware if you are running Java 7 on your desktop there is a bug which will prevent forms from launching:

Steven Chan covers the certifications and the workarounds on his blog.

My Mac was updated to Java 7 a short period of time ago and of course I had issues opening forms.    I'm late to the game so i'm sure most people have already hit this issue.  I'm just documenting it here as a personal reference for when I need to back the fix out.

There are two solutions to this problem:

1.  Patch your EBS environment as per Steven's article above.
2.  Disable Java 7 on your Mac.

I choose to do number 2 as I needed to login ASAP and didn't have time to wait for patches to get through QA.

To disable Java 7 and re-enable Java 6 follow the steps on Apple's Support site:

While I was trying* to track down when my system was updated to Java 7, I found the following site from Oracle which provides alot of information for Mac users of Java:

* I'm not sure how my Mac was updated to 7.   I'm assuming it was when our tech support upgraded my Mac to Mountain Lion and updated it.

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