Agent Configuration Assistant Failed

Today I hit the following error while trying to perform a standalone Grid Control Agent install:


There could be a number of reasons as to why the agent configuration assistant would fail while you are trying to install the Grid Control Agent.   The commands which failed are listed in the $AGENT_HOME/cfgtoollogs/configToolsFailedCommands file.

[oracle@myserver agent10g] cat cfgtoollogs/configToolFailedCommands
# Copyright © 1999, 2009, Oracle. All rights reserved.

If you search metalink with “oracle.sysman.emcp.agent.AgentPlugIn”  you will get a number of hits but the 2 most useful ones I have looked at are:

Troubleshooting the error oracle.sysman.emcp.agent.AgentPlugIn raised by the Agent Configuration Assistant (AgentCA)
Doc ID:

Troubleshooting the 'oracle.sysman.emcp.agent.AgentPlugIn has failed' error
Doc ID:

In my particular case, the agent failed because I entered an incorrect agent password during the install.   Unfortunately there is no way to re-enter the password within OUI at this point so login to your server and  follow the steps below:
  1. cd $AGENT_HOME/bin
  2. ./emctl stop agent
  3. ./emctl unsecure agent
  4. ./emctl secure agent 
    • At this point you will be prompted for the agent registration password.  If you input the incorrect password it will fail.   Run this again until you enter the correct password.

    1. ./emctl start agent
    Now you should be able to login to your Grid Control console and see this target.


    Anonymous said...

    See also this :
    How to Recover From Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g Base Releases (10.2.0.x.0) Installation Errors after 31-Dec-2010 (Doc ID 1228103.1)
    It can help. Thx

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