11g Fusion Install issues, don’t interrupt the install…!

Here are a couple of tips I found out the hard way with while installing fusion 11g.

1. SSO - At one particular stage I was in the process of installing single sign-on 10g following these instructions. After following the step listed at Section 10.2 step 5 I needed to perform some maintenance on the server. So I shutdown the environment, performed the work and restarted the servers.

Before I could continue my install I needed to start up the services such as the database, weblogic server, OID, etc. However, when I went to install OID it would not start properly. Within the OID logs I found:

[host: 0002] [pid: 8145] [tid: 0] Guardian: WARNING: Connected to incorrect OID base schema version, (version=

If I had been paying more attention to the installation steps I would have noticed that step 5 changed the directory version number in the repository to After you install OID 10g, you re-run the script with the –op3 flag to reset the value back to 11g.

Unfortunately OID needs to be running before you execute, so I had to update the repository manually with the following SQL:

update ods.ds_attrstore set attrval = 'OID' where entryid =1 and attrname = 'orcldirectoryversion';

After that OID 11g started up fine and I could rerun the script with the –op2 flag. Then I continued with the SSO install.

Another tip, review the following note before installing OID 10g:

Subject: Oracle Identity Management 10g ( Release Notes Addendum

Doc ID:

It lists some pre-reqs which are not in the install guide and some known issues. The main one for me is that was missing. The note describes how to resolve that issue.

2. Portal – The Portal install itself went without any issues, however, at the configuration wizard stage it would hang creating the weblogic domain. Sometimes I would see java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space messages in the install log as well. I found the following notes:

Subject: FMW 11g “IDM” or “Portal/Forms/Reports/Discoverer” Configuration Wizards on 64bit Plantforms Hang at 0% ‘ Creating Domain’

Doc ID: 865462.1

Subject: FMW 11g ‘ Portal/Forms/Reports/Discoverer’ Config Wizard Fails – “Error creating ASInstance”.. Unable to Connec tot ‘Admin Server’ ..PermGen

I was using the 32bit version of Weblogic which ships with the Sun and JRockit JDK’s on top of OEL 5.3 64bit. The notes say that you must use 64bit FMW 11g with a 64bit JDK on a 64 bit OS. I downloaded the latest JRockit because it apparently doesn’t suffer from permgen issues but I still hit the same problem(althought no permgen messages in the log file..). It wasn’t until I downloaded the latest Sun JDK 1.6.0_16 that the configuration wizard was able to create the domain.

3. SOA – After installing Portal, SOA seemed to complete without a hiccup… Until I tried to login to SOA. At one point I noticed errors when trying to start the SOA domain with the script: [Security:090304]Authentication Failed: User weblogic [Security:090301]Password Not Supplied

However, I wasn’t being prompted for a password. I could hardcode the password within the script but it would still fail, however with another error:

<Sep 1, 2009 10:08:33 AM EDT> <Critical> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000386> <Server subsystem failed. Reason: Authentication for user weblogic denied Authentication for user weblogic denied

Weblogic checks for the existence of a file upon startup. If it exists, it reads the username and password from this file and doesn’t prompt you. I deleted this file and after that I was prompted for the password.. I was hoping that the stored password was incorrect, causing my problems but no such luck.

I talked to Oracle support and they believed that something was corrupted and the next step would be to recreate the admin account. Since I am using the latest version, they haven’t tested the steps yet and said they’d get back to me in a couple of hours. I searched google and found a few hits with the same problem. A few people tried re-installing and somehow everything worked fine after that. I took a backup of my domain configuration and decided to try and recreate it.

This time during the install, I selected the optional configuration options for the Administration server and Managed servers. ( I noticed the ports being used have already been taken by the Portal install. I chose new ports, finished the install and everything started fine.

I’m guessing my authentication errors are because my Portal domain was up and SOA was trying to authenticate against it. When installing Fusion you let the configuration wizards create the weblogic domains, you don’t create them with the weblogic assistants. I guess they aren’t smart enough to detect that ports are already in use, which is kind of surprising. This is my first FMW 11g install, so it is possible I messed something up the first time I tried to install SOA.

4. Repository Creation Utility – Another problem I hit was trying to run the RCU utility for SSO on a 64bit OEL 5 environment. I couldn’t get it to work. Since this doesn’t need to run very often I put it on a 32bit Redhat 4.7 environment and ran it from there without issues.

So after 4 SR’s and a fair bit of reading I finally have a Fusion Middleware 11g environment. I was surprised to find its much easier to install e-Business Suite than FMW!


lim said...

Thank you..i finally can install the SSO and delegated administration services :)

The future on foot said...

I have struggled the install about one week.

1. Windows 2003 Standdard server, the machine is in one network, and the machine is not DHCP server machine. IP: The domain name is, here I don't put my company domain name.

Below are the steps that I installed.

1. download all packages

2. install windows loopadapter in windows 2003, and config the ip Actually I am not sure the meaning to add loopadapter. But it is in pre-check of install oracle 11g database.

3. Add ip into c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file localhost aaaa-test168 aaaa-test168

4. nslookup
F:\Software>nslookup aaaa-test168


---------------------------from you begin---------------------------
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>nslookup myhome.local
Server: localhost

Name: myhome.local

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>
---------------------------from you end---------------------------

I don't know you have two addresses mapped to myhome.local. The output of mine only has one . Should the loopadapter be configured in DHCP server? The machine that I prepare to install is not DHCP server.

5. install ipv6 in windows 2003 server. I also meet the error getaddrinfo in opmn\opmn.log.
Add Microsoft TCP/IP version 6 in network adapter property.

After I add the ipv6, the error disappear. But I don't know if it is correct way to add ipv6.

I also try to disable ipv6 in weblogic IDDomain configure files. But we only can change the setting after we configure the OID.

6. install database in OracleDB11g11.0.7 with character set AL32UTF8

7. Change processes and open_cursors to 500 for database

8. set up schema by OracleRCU, unchecked OIF and PORTAL, create schemasat first, then create other schemas such as OIF and PORTAL.

9. set up weblogic server
I also try to disable ipv6 in weblogic IDDomain configure files in this step. But I cannot find the IDDomain configure files, because IDDomain is created after after we configure the OID.

Could you give me more detail of how to disable IPV6 in weblogic server or steps.

10. go to Oracle11g_IdentityManagement directory, and install OID

11. configure OID.
The result: still get 204 http code as log file.

12. change all setpreferIPv6Address=false and useIPv6Address=false in directory c:\oracle\middelware.

13. click retry.
The result: still get 204 http code as log file.

Could you help review the steps and share your comments?

Thanks for your suggestion: I will download again the OID installer files and try again.

Below is log during installation:

1 opmn.log, there is no getaddrinfo message.

The future on foot said...

And I get the error in file


2009-09-23T17:13:36.390+08:00 as NOTIFICATION] [ tid: 13 ecid: 0000IFa9BIN4ykWFLzbQ8A1AiUH1000004,0 Trying to start the component oid1
2009-09-23T17:13:40.500+08:00 as WARNING] [ tid: 13 ecid: 0000IFa9BIN4ykWFLzbQ8A1AiUH1000004,0 Failed to start component oid1[[ HTTP status code = 204 : 0 of 1 processes started.

2009-09-23T17:13:40.500+08:00 as NOTIFICATION] [ tid: 13 ecid: 0000IFa9BIN4ykWFLzbQ8A1AiUH1000004,0 Status of component false
2009-09-23T17:13:40.500+08:00 as ERROR] [ tid: 13 ecid: 0000IFa9BIN4ykWFLzbQ8A1AiUH1000004,0 [[ Failed to start the component

The future on foot said...

Thank you at first, could you help take a look at my installation, and see if there is any suggestion.

I always meet HTTP status code = 204 : 0 of 1 processes started.

Dave said...

Did you get this resolved after Future? Its hard to say what is going wrong with your install.. At which step in the install are you seeing the HTTP status code = 204 error?

The future on foot said...

When I try to start OID, it prompts http status 204 error

The future on foot said...

When I try to start OID, it prompts error HTTP status code = 204 : 0 of 1 processes started.

Rex Gibson said...

Had problem installing Weblogic as windows service in 64bit Windows 2008 64 bit environment. Included is solution. When installing the weblogic server as a windows service you do so by calling a script (InstallSvc.cmd) that among other things supplies the location of the JDK (Java Development Kit) that is used for weblogic.

Problem: After install, when the AdminServer service would start up it would fail reporting out of memory error 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" however, the AdminServer would start just fine from a console using Start > Programs > BI ...> Start BI Services

the InstallSvc.cmd Script calls commEnv.cmd which sets the default memory arguments. commEnv.cmd memory arguments depending on the type of JDK (Oracle in our case) needed to be changed for our server config from:
MEM_ARGS=-Xms32m -Xmx200m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -XX:+UseSpinning
MEM_ARGS=-Xms256m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -XX:-UseSSE42Intrinsics

I used these arguments after sifting through the stdout output from the Start BI Services shortcut that calls MY_MW_HOME\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIApplication\coreapplication\StartStopServices.cmd start_all
I would love input on if these settings are the best. I don't know what UseSSE42Intrinsics is vs UseSpinning

Hardware: VM Ware Dual 6 core processors with 8GB RAM
OS: Windows 2k8 Standard 64bit.
JDK: 1.6.0_24
Weblogic: 10.3 (64bit)

Installation Type
We had installed a "manual" version of OBIEE 11g on a 64 bit OS rather than the stock OBIEE 11g Install according to the guidelines here:

Dave said...

Thanks Rex!

Anonymous said...

Thanks friend...saved some time of mine during trouble shooting issues...Good work..keep it going.

Anonymous said...

i am facing an issue with the fusion applications installation:

opmnctl is not starting....can anyone help

Sridevi Koduru said...

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