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Everyone has an environment that they are tasked with supporting but dread the day a call comes in. For me is an old 10.7 environment which we have for historical purposes. I'm not exactly sure how often users need to run reports in there but i'd say a few times a month. I dread supporting this environment because I have never used 10.7... When I joined this group we had been using 11i for a few years. Since then, the only people who knew anything about 10.7 have left the company.

Recently we received a call that users could not connect. To make a long story short we had to restore the application server from a backup. I wish I could tell the story because its hilarious but suffice to say i've seen a few bloggers lose their jobs for posting too many environment specific details. Better safe than sorry.

Luckily I was going on vacation the day after we requested the restore and I was hoping it would all be resolved by the time I returned. No such luck. Once the server was ready for us I logged in to restart the services expecting no issues. No suck luck. Executing owsctl produced the following error:

> Error initializing CORE
> Please check if the ORACLE_HOME is set correctly.

Great. Luckily there is a 7 year old, archived document on Metalink which pointed me in the right location: Note:1015720.101 The note refers to changing
the location of your ORACLE_HOME but symbolic links under $ORACLE_HOME/ows/mesg were not updated correctly to the new location.

Well, in this case everything should be identical but with no other hits on Metalink its was my only option. Indeed the symbolic links were pointing to an invalid location. When the unix admin restored the files he had to put them in a temporary location first and copy them over. The restore process must have recreated the symbolic links because they were still pointing to that temp location.

Sweet, I found the solution so I fired up the startup scripts again.. No suck luck. Now I faced the following error:

OMN-2001, could not contact address server
Information: Application init function oracle_adp_init returned ADI_FATALINIT
Error: The server could not initialize
Information: The server is exiting
OWS-08811: Unable to startup Oracle Web Listener `xyz01'.

This time Note:1016600.102 came to my rescue. OMN-2001 means the admin process was started before the WRB (web request broker). Solution, start WRB before admin. Then I could process to starting the listener.

While the first problem was as a result of the restore, the second could have been avoided with good documentation. Now that I know the proper order to start the services (wrb, admin, listener) I found the correct startup scripts.

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