Branching out?


A few months ago our company was acquired.... Since I support our Oracle EBS environment it was a pretty safe assumption that at some point it would be decommissioned.  As with all acquisitions, redundancies are the first to disappear.

Add to the fact that they use SAP and DB2, I have some choices to make.    However, there are a couple of areas where I may be able to fit in, mostly the consulting branch but at least i'd still be able to focus on Oracle.

The majority of my time is now spent ramping up on DB2, while the remainder is supporting our EBS environment until the transition is over.   This makes it much more difficult to find topics to write about and its pretty much the reason why I haven't posted very much lately.

I have to say tho, learning another rdbms is a great way to refresh my knowledge of Oracle.    The book I am using to learn DB2 is aimed at Oracle DBA's, so as it describes a feature in DB2 it relates it to Oracle.  This makes it much easier to learn while at the same time refreshing my memory.

For the time being i'll be focusing on DB2 and I decided to start a blog related to that.  I'm also putting some feelers out internally hoping an Oracle Apps DBA job opens up...

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