RC-10203 and directory permissions

This past week we hit a weird issue while trying to clone a test environment from production. It took a fair bit of effort to figure out the problem so I thought i'd mention it in case you have a similar setup but haven't added this item to your checklist.

Almost a year ago we moved to a shared application filesystem. So as part of the cloning process we have to run the script:

$ cd
$ perl adclonectx.pl sharedappltop \
'applications context file for the existing node'

This configures the node to be able to access the shared setup. This script errored out:

Choose a value which will be set as APPLPTMP value on the target node [1]:
AC-10006: Exception - java.io.FileNotFoundException: /admin/template/adxmlctx.tmp thrown while creating OAVars object for file: ../admin/template/adxmlctx.tmp
RC-50004: Error occurred in CloneContext:
RC-10203: The template provided does not match with the context file.
Check logfile /apps/appsora/oraappl/admin/ORA/out/CloneContext_07270115.log for details.
ERROR: context creation not completed successfully.
Please check /tmp/adclonectx.err file for errors

Our environment hasn't changed much and cloning is a pretty regular exercise. So my first thought is what could be different now than previously? To me this type of problem screams setup issues.

On our side everything seemed fine. It wasn't until we noticed the following that any progress was made:

$ pwd
$ df -k .
df: cannot canonicalize .: Permission denied

Since this is a shared application file system, the file system is mounted via NFS. Apparently the permissions on the mount point (/apps/appsora) were 700 so it wasn't writable by the group (in this case dba). I still wasn't sure why this was causing our problem... I could view, create, modify files since the account I was using was the owner. (UID's and GID's are global)

To fix the permissions problem the file system was unmounted, and the directory permissions changed to 770. Once it was remounted the adclonectx script worked properly. So you may want to add directory permissions to your checklist if your using NFS and EBS.


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