OOUG DBA/Developer Day

Today I attended the OOUG, Ottawa Oracle User's group DBA/Developer day. If your interested in the presentations you can download them from here:

OOUG Website

Sort by date to find them quickly.

I attended:

Accountability for System Performance - Interesting discussion on 6 sigma, which is an objective way to measure system performance. It didn't dive very deep but was a good overview and points you in the right direction if you'd like to know more.

Profiling Oracle: How it works - An extension of the session above which dove deeper into how to profile your code and why you should do it. Also an interesting case study into why 'idle' events sometimes shouldn't be ignored.

SOA What? Introduction to Server Oriented Architecture - This session was just a brief overview of SOA and I attended just so I would get a bit more familiar with the topic. And finally I know what a Wiz-Dull (WDSL) is!

I didn't attend the last two sessions, had to leave for Toronto. This past weekend our company had a planned DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning) simulation so I had to travel to the recovery site.

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